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Our Story

Our Story

CLIVIA HABITAT born of aspirational vision and passion makes clivia history as it amalgamates a unique collection of clivias from some of the worlds top breeders. It has brought together some of the planets most valuable and exquisite Clivia specimens in a quest to be the worlds Number one Clivia resource.
This has all come together atop a hill in the heart of the sunshine coast, Port Alfred, overlooking the exquisite beauty of the long and winding Kowie River. As stunning as this setting is, a walk through our Clivia Nursery amid the 10’s of thousands of breeding plants, leaving one breathless and in awe of the Wonder that is the CLIVIA.


Clivia Nursery it seems, had a beginning carved and shaped by Destiny.
One of the world’s most significant collections of exquisitely unique clivias tells the romantic story of homecoming and of a return to roots.

The arrival of this thriving collection of some of the rarest clivias in the Port Alfred region, is partly due to the tireless efforts and passion of the Annie De Wet Steyn, but also largely due to an inevitable twist of fate. This is a story that was bound to be told… a homecoming of one of Nature’s most beautiful artistic pieces.

Yes, it was in this very region – in which the Clivia Nursery now nestles – that in September 1813, William Burchell first discovered clivias *. This is a story of birth and rebirth… a return of one the most uniquely exquisite and amazing collection of clivias Earth wide to its homeland.

* “The English naturalist, traveller, artist and author, William J. Burchell (1781-1863), was the first person to make a scientific collection of a Clivia species (C. nobilis) in the wild, which he did near Port Alfred in the Bathurst district of the Eastern Cape, in September 1813.”

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